Set Your Phazers to FUN

by the modrats

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We recorded this album in 13 hours in a shed turned studio. It was recorded and produced by the great Lee Kiser.


released February 8, 2011

Jeff B.- Guitar
Mike B.- Bass
Ryan H.- Vocals, Guitar
Mike S.- Drums




the modrats Rock Hill, South Carolina

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Track Name: the Battle of Bush
I heard he knows kung fu
don't you wish that you knew too.
He moved up to Michigan
just because he can

He pooped in the front yard
it was soft it was not hard.
He made wild onion soup
for fertilizer he used his poop.

I saw him smoke a bug
he just needs a hug.
He's got some cool nunchucks
and he don't give a fuck.

Can't pay the bill for the gym
you'll never catch him.
He's always on the run
in his Dodge Neon.

He'll hide peppers on your food
if he is in a bad mood.
He's not fast he's very slow
and he's from Puerto Rico.

Someone saw him at Showmars
I still think he's up on Mars.
Working on his masterpiece
his death metal masterpiece.
Track Name: Thumbstik
I feel the same as when I was 24
I'm just as out of shape as I was then.
Drinking, smoking, sleeping, playing video games,
enjoying what you may call a sin.
Enjoying what you may call a sin.

My thumbs move like lightning bolts
they move across the buttons like a dance.
X, Y, Thumbstick, tap, tap, click, click,
moving virtually with out a glance.
Moving virtually with out a glance.
Track Name: Elenor
I've got a girl I never see
when the sun shines down on me.
She says she much prefers the moon
and she'll sleep till noon.

I love Elenor

I can't own a crucifix
or run around with sharp wooden sticks.
She won't let me eat no garlic
'cause she's allergic.

I love Elenor

She always like to kiss my neck
but that was a bite wasn't no love peck
In your teeth I think you've got some crud
oh wait that's blood.

I love Elenor
Track Name: She's an Elf
So we meet at last
your reputation proceeds you.
You hit me with a blast
you turn my mind into goo.

She's an Elf
By herself oh no

I fall to the ground
you stand above my body
What's that jingly sound
you loot the gold off of me.

She's an Elf
By herself oh no

Perhaps we'll meet again
under better circumstances.
A nice quiet inn
candle lit for romances.

She's an Elf
By herself oh no.